Sunday, August 15, 2010

INKspiration 4 U - Coffee holder!

Lots of cool projects yet to complete on the latest installments at the INKspiration 4 U class, but this project just spoke to me this early Sunday morning.  I am a coffee-holic, although I've tried to cut back, there often is just no subsitute for this needed morning ritual...

Working in an office gives this cocoa/coffee pocket project a lot of possibilities. It is a great gift idea!
I suffer from a grommet & eyelet setting phobia (ok, not really, but I do rarely set these on anything)... so since my supplies are "grommet-less," I created grommets using my 1/2" circle punch adhering the circles then using my Cropadile to punch holes in the centers after they were attached. I'm afraid I don't really know how to "lace" this yet, so that part is a work in progress.

It's a multi-step opening experience... shown below is the middle and inside pocket views with the surprise coffee packets you can hide inside.  I apologize my photos just cannot do the project justice...

Using some much loved, yet retired papers here (sage shadow base & ribbon) but combined with some Early Espresso (HAD to use that on this of course).  To better get the feel of this project, I took a short video of opening the inside pocket to reveal the coffee present packet hidden inside... check it out:

I've got to catch up on all the other projects I've been to slow to complete.
As always, you can check out INKspirations 4 U at Madeline Marcelo's

Have a great weekend!


  1. CUTE!! Thanks for promoting the classes in your blog!Love hte small video...great!!

  2. Following you from SC, great cards!

  3. LOVE that lace up clever. Following you from SC and hope you will follow me too!

  4. oooh I missed this post the first time I came in here. Love the coffee cup!
    BTW thanks for dropping by my site. I'm sure you can sew. doesn't take too much. I don't know how to sew really.


Love my craft buddy!

Love my craft buddy!
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