Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life's Ups and Downs...

Sharing a couple things as there's nothing like crafting that helps me deal with life's "ups & downs."
The card above is one of those we card makers don't really want to make, but gives us a chance to support those loved ones in need.  The colors seem so soothing to me, I hope the recipients think they are as well...

And for something completely different...

BIRTHDAY thoughts this week.  It's a milestone birthday for me on Wednesday.  Funny, I decided to make myself a card!  SILLY, I know... however, turns out my husband will use it for me!  Hee hee hee...


  1. Sorry that you had the occasion to make the sympathy card...but it is beautiful.
    Aren't you savvy to make sure your hubby has a card for you ;0). Happy Birthday BTW!

  2. Your sympathy card is so soothing! Its beautiful, soft and elegant. I love your birthday card... I create my own too. lol Hugs,


Love my craft buddy!

Love my craft buddy!
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