Friday, July 15, 2011

Pennants, anyone?

Okay, I have to admit, I wouldn't be much of a stamper right now if I didn't make at least ONE pennant decorated card, right?  Honestly, while I admit I think they look very cute, I wasn't as motivated to make one until I saw Andrea Walford's example on her site, so I just had to try it!  She does a terrific job with projects and tutorials, so check out her site when you can.

For my simple card, I don't have a pennant punch, so I just cut my pennants best I could with my cutter, making sure I made them all of equal size/shape and threaded them using some linen thread. 

The thread holding the pennants together is actually tied on to my card.  I punched a small hole in the crease of the top of the card that allowed me to thread it through and then I took the other side & tied it together.  There is just small knot on the inside of the card which I think looks cute exposed, so I let it show.  It is an easy way to place the pennants when you have a single layer for the front of the card.

Well, enjoy the evening!  Signing off for now... TGIF!

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Love my craft buddy!

Love my craft buddy!
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