Sunday, April 21, 2013

Chores, hate 'em!

The stamp set I used for this card, "Tight Jeans, Dirty Floors," from Unity Stamp Co. sums up how I feel today... I'll try NOT to look at my floors while I continue to procrastinate & post here...

I felt I had to make things look "weary" on this card, so I distressed and tore some edges of the pattern paper (paper is from Farm House Paper Company), and the wonky tilted images, I tried to coordinate with the tilted words (it also relieved me from trying to get anything straight, which isn't my greatest talent).  

The silhouettes I like, only I'm not sure why at least one of the ladies is not wearing jeans...?  I have been intrigued by silhouette stamps ever since I posted my Portrait Silhouette article for Paper Crafters Library, you can check out that post here.  

Here's a close-up of the sentiment...

I think that this is a great card to share with a friend and to send using a re-Smile inserts so that friend can send it back my way whenever they are feeling the same way.  If you are not familar with re-Smile post-its, check them out at  This is a great way to recycle and share cards that you know deserve to take on a life of their own and not just end up thrown away.  

Here's a look at the interior of my card with the ready to re-send sheets inside.  I also include instructions for my friend to understand that the intention is to re-use the card...

Now, to consider either getting onto that treadmill or cleaning the floors... hmmm... I think I'll just sit & drink some coffee and think about that for a little while... :)
Happy stamping, everyone!

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  1. Oh, how wonderful is this card! I have been going through a month like that! So ready for summer!
    I love the distressed paper and the off kilter stamping!


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Love my craft buddy!
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