Friday, January 23, 2015

Super Lazy Rib Mitts

Gotta share some more knitting!  This is another gift pair I created, loosely based on the pattern, Lazy Rib Fingerless Mitts by chocolate trudi, found on Ravelry.  I adjusted the pattern to add some ribbing on the cuff, top and thumb, and used a gusset-less thumb hole on these, so my versions are slightly different than the pattern.
Crafty friends, you'll find a pair of fingerless mitts can be nice to wear indoors in a cool environment, even during your craft and day time activities.  When I gifted my mitts to family, I included a little handmade tag to remind them how they can use them.  For my niece who is learning to knit, the tag on her mitts called her pair a set of Knitting Mitts - "keeping your fingers free for creativity!"
Ah, the joy of knitting, it is very easy to modify patterns to try new things.  Using a gusset-less thumb hole option makes the pattern Super Lazy Rib Mitts.  If you are familiar at all with creating a thumb gusset, the increases take a little extra work.  Even with that short cut on these, they fit surprisingly well, so I was pleased with the outcome.
One thing that is problematic on posting my hand knit mitt projects on my blog is taking a good photo while modeling them... I have to set a self timer and hope that how I'm holding my hands will at least demonstrate how they fit without looking too odd.  There is apparently no good lighting, and very little I can do to hide my wrinkly, craft hardened fingers, too!
Happy crafting, everyone!  TGIF.

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  1. LOL, your fingers are lovely, and so are your mitts! Amazing! Love that color, too! I spent my morning making a jacket for one of Cassidy's dolls. It's been a while since I created something that small but amazingly, it worked fine, especially since it was a dress pattern and I had to make the back the front and vice versa!


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Love my craft buddy!
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